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Dec 7, 2012 9:30am PST
"right this minute." >>> this is a rescue video from colorado. that's a jack russell terror whose name is jonah. he was on a walk with some owners and when he saw ducks he got loose from his leash and ended up in the middle of this partially frozen pond. >> that looks like really thin ice. >> he tried to walk back to where his owners were but he just probably became really scared and stopped trying so animal services came and as you can see special operation sergeant osbourne >> you never know when danger can just come up and bite at you. two young girls sitting at a park bench in sidney, australia, when that happens. >> it's an awning to a building nearby crashing down. if you look closely, the younger sister notices it first and pulls her older sister out of the way. she is a hero. >> she was quick too. she notices. she knew she had to get out of the way. >> talked to a few of the first responders. >> gust of wind on the shopping center and held her in the air. >> that thing has steel beams. >> that would have been deadly. >> the security camera shows a car pulling out of the way sec
Dec 14, 2012 9:00am PST
on the streets on the likes of lenny kravitz, russell brand. >> who wants to see us in these things. there's parts that you want to saran wrap certain parts. it doesn't look good. >> this is comfortable. you guys work out. you guys have nice legs. so them off. >> listen. i wear my parents as tight as i possibly can. >> true. >> the direct opposite of hammer pants, muscle pants back in the '80s, big, baggy, loose pants. >> the company, uniclothes selling them, they are sold out. they are not in stock. that's how hot this item it. >> we have seen meggings since 2007 but recently it's become an additional trend. >> car keys, wallet. >> that's what your man purse is for. >> then you put makeup on. we're back in 1984. >> i'm nervous today about people showing up in the office. who is going to be the first to wear them? >> you have been forewarned. the meggings are coming. >> all right, folks. that's it for this edition of rtm. we'll see you next time.
Dec 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
on as the seahawks scored more than 100 points in their last two games. their quarterback russell wilson is like colin kaepernick has the attention of the league as well. the defensive coordinator of of the 49ers has his troops ready as he sizes up the opposing quarterback. >> quarterback got better and better as you expect a rookie quarterback to do. no longer a rookie, this is his 15th start. good quarterback. fast. good command of the offense. throws the deep stuff well. and, you know, great acquisition for them. >> mean time, one of the most prized high school prospects in the country in a long time, they are saying this guy is in the lebron james category. his name is parker. the son of former golden state warriors sonny parker. you may remember. he has been deciding what college he wants to attend and stanford was one of the final contenders but he is going to duke. he announced that on national television from his high school. parker will go to duke and the way things work in college basketball, he will be there for no more than a year. unfortunately for college basketball. it is better w
Dec 25, 2012 4:00am PST
, hugh jackman, russell crowe... > > this is going to be a big holiday event, because it is the first time that the stage musical, "les miserables," has been adapted for the screen. it is director tom hooper's first film since he won the oscar for "the king's speech," best picture. i think both hugh jackman and anne hathaway are going to be sort of in play for best actor, best supporting actress nominations. > > wow. > > so i think there is going to be a lot of interest in the movie, and certainly the awards people will definitely be keeping an eye on this one. > > what about "parental guidance?" this one has billy crystal and bette midler. "grandpa tells lots of jokes that you won't get. just laugh." "they're here!" "hello boy! you still single?" [laughter > > that sounds like a hit, potentially. > > potentially. it's a pg-rated comedy. it's a family movie in general. billy crystal hasn't really had a big hit in a long time. it's his first movie in many years actually. so i think it has potential to do decent numbers, not huge numbers. > > anything to look forward to in the coming ne
Dec 2, 2012 5:00pm PST
tighter. if you think colin kaepernick is promising, then you will love russell wilson. today seahawks rookie quarterback led them on a 97- yard drive. 14-yarder. seattle 17-14. chicago ties it. over time. wilson leads the hawks on another long drive. hits rice. that is in the end zone. give credit for the game winning touchdown catch. seattle 23-17. they are a game and a half back of the 49ers. another rookie quarterback, andrew luck keeps indianapolis in the race. andrew luck threw three interceptions and four touchdown passes. 42-yarder. draws the colts within 5 of the lions. then andrew luck another long drive. no time. colts win 35-33. 8-4. lions 4-8. mark sanchez threw three picks against arizona today. mark sanchez replaced by greg mcelroy. not tim tebow. greg mcelroy. and in his nfl debut. the only touchdown of the game. that is it. that is enough. jets win 7-6. today peyton manning throws three touchdown passes against tampa bay. miller takes it back for his first nfl touchdown. broncos 31-22. what an emotional day for the chiefs. one day after jovan belcher commits murder-sui
Dec 11, 2012 10:00pm PST
identified as steven reed the other described as an 18 to 19-year-old woman found lying on russell street bound and gagged and badly injured. >> the male victim appeared to have blunt trauma. the female victim also appeared to have blunt force trauma. >> reporter: reed died later that night. the young woman is in critical condition but is recovering. >> investigators followed up on leads that led them to a house in hercules, california where we took into custody five individuals. >> reporter: police arrested 31- year-old maelene lintz and montrail brackens on murder charges. and tiler miller and heather leach and maryann manalastas are charged with accessory to murder. >> it was established there was a relationship between the victims and suspects in this case. >> reporter: police aren't saying where the victims were beaten and shot or why they were left in this quiet neighborhood. >> motive is unknown it's part of the investigation process to try to determine what exactly happened with the motive. >> reporter: we asked to speak to the suspects being held in jail but all of them declined
Dec 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
in the last 3 games not against the rams, although russell wilson not able to find an open receiver. tuck and run for the touchdown, wilson with 250 yards throwing 2 touchdowns, rams drive down to the 29 with less than a minute to go, quarterback bradford picked up by sherman to seal a victory for seattle. 49ers saw enough of that guy last week. 20 to 13, seahawks clench the fifth seed. >> there was only 1 reason to watch the raiders game and that was to take a look at the first professional start for a young quarterback, and it was entertaining, a little glimmer of hope there. chargers to meek oakland -- meet okay land this year. michael purlock on the -- spur lock will go untouched up the middle, 99 yards. where is your special teams defense? not there. san diego chargers with an early 7-nothing lead. heyward, dhp, touchdown 9 yards and the raiders on the board at least, 10-7. third quarter now charges 17-7 this time to alexander, 34-yard touchdown pass and the chargers have a commanding 24-7 lead, but raiders don't lay down. prior on the bootleg, and for the short 4-yard touchdown run
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7